• Cry Me A River-mstr mix 14:20

  • Bei Mir Bistu Sheyn4:20

​​San Francisco Bay area female vocalist Suska Varda is a songstress, a multi instrumentalist, a visual and performing artist, an actress, writer,  and a mom. She plays an eclectic mix of old time blues, jazz and swing, traditional American folk, tunes from the American songbook and Broadway, klezmer, Yiddish soul, rock and roll, and more.

Suska is a versatile musician who accompanies her singing with finger style guitar. She flat picks the banjoline, and mandolin and also plays piano. 

Suska has been teaching and performing for children of all ages for many years and delights in sharing her love and joy of music.

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  • Love2:25

  • Breeze 2:45